HIV and AIDS make me laugh thanks to Chris Rock

Chris Rock is handsome, funny and smart but I don't agree with all of his views on the world. His HIV/AIDS jokes do strike a chord though.

Watch the video for full effect. Here are some of the good lines...

I took the AIDS test... passed it... with a 65! Now, the scary thing about the AIDS test is that when you take it, you don't get the results back for FIIIVVEE days, and in those five days you start reflectin'. You start reflectin' on every single piece of dirty, disgusting little sex you've ever had! Oh my God, 1993, what the fuck was I thinkin'? Then, you start callin' people up to see if they still alive!

[Impersonating a telephone call] Yeah, hello, is Stacy there? "This is Stacy." CLICK! Hello, is Tammy there? "Oh, Tammy dead." Well, what happened? "... she got hit by a bus." OH, THANK THE LORD!

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