People who beat HIV!

There has been interest in the subject of people who beat hiv. Yes, there have been a few who baffle science. Here are the ones I can think of, in no particular order. All facts are from memory, but I enclose links with more accurate information!

Andrew Stimpson

A young Scottish guy who tested positive and then tested negative again in 2002. His boyfriend at the time was hiv-positive, I seem to remember, and so baffled doctors explained he must have developed immunity from that. I believe Andrew did not agree to undergo further tests which would have made some light over that mystery and maybe helped find a cure or an explanation. Well done, Andrew! Here are some top links about Andrew if you want to make your own research.

Tommy Morrison

The great boxer was diagnosed with hiv in 1996 (Same year as me!) and always proclaimed that the diagnosis was rubbish. Then in 2007 he was hiv-negative again!! He always resisted treatments and denounced them vehemently. Tommy Morrison also claimed that the hiv+ diagnosis was a way his opponents found to keep him off the boxing ring. Well done, Tommy!Pity, I don't know if there was a follow-up to his status reversal by doctors... but I am sure he doesn't care. What a fine looking fighting machine!

The Berlin Patient

This anonymous patient lives is from Berlin, Germany. In 1995-1996 he was hiv-positive and got started on anti-retrovirals. Then, against his doctor's advice, stopped his treatment. Surprisingly, his viral load which had been very high previously, remained at zero - Hiv couldn't be found in his blood or his lymph (the place where hiv hides and is very difficult to eradicate). Apparently, the Berlin patient is still hiv-positive (traces of the virus are found in his body) but his body keeps the hiv under control. Well done, Berlin patient! (html does not display properly but infornation is good if you have the patience to read between the tags)

They are the only people who beat hiv I can think of. Of course, I'm adding myself to the list - as soon as possible. In a way, I beat it already since I was told I would be dead by 2006 and I still haven't even got slightly sick (it's 2007 as I write) and that's good enough proof, methinks! I hope you found the above recollections helpful if you were looking for information about people who beat hiv!


Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

The Positive Guy said...

Great to see new visitors to the site leaving traces in the comments! You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

how uplifting, poz 2011, i heard that olive leaf oil extract is good to take, I do not take meds, just strict diet and tons of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, milk thistle, yogurt, garlic three tims a day, and my viral load is down and tcells almost to normal, maybe ill be on this list next. :) Have fun!!! HUmboldt county !!! 420

Anonymous said...

Diagnosed pos in 2006 suffered a daily
Medication that made me detached depressed and compulsive ( Atripla) stopped taking it five months ago, cd4 over 700 consistantly , viral load undetectable & I feel great.
I know this is not what the Drs or pharmaceutical companys want out there & I'm sure it is not true for everyone but obviously there is great profit being made at great human expense by the blanket rederic of the alopathic medical establishment.
Do your homework & don't be another sheep for them to fleece

Anonymous said...

I would love to beat it

Positive Thinker said...

I was going to reply to you all but decided to write a post instead. About time too.

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hello

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