Is Hiv a laughing matter?

In Topical Humor and the Media, Joseph P. Goodwin analyses the evolution of jokes about hiv and aids. Some jokes are questionable and you may find them offensive, but they are necessary to understand the evolution of our psyche.

Example of an early AIDS joke cited in the article:
Did you hear about the Rock Hudson Memorial Hospital? It doesn't have any doctors or nurses, just aides.
Is hiv a laughing matter? Surely, it helps to make fun of it if you are 'infected'in my humble opinion. It's only a virus.

Aids is not funny

From The Office (US)
Guys you know what? no! no! AIDS is not funny! believe me i have tried...

Senior citizens are the now biggest carriers of AIDS


A recent study has revealed alarming statistics that suggest senior citizens are the now biggest carriers of AIDS...

Hearing AIDS
Seeing AIDS
Chewing AIDS
Walking AIDS
Government AIDS

Condoms protect from AIDS

Two junkies are sitting by the side of the road, happily shooting up whatever it is that happy junkies shoot up with, and generally having a good time. A socially conscious individual walks up and notices that they are sharing a needle. He lectures them about AIDS and the danger that comes from sharing dirty needles. One of the junkies looks up and says, ``It's ok, we're wearing condoms.''
Note how most jokes confuse AIDS with HIV... Still some education to do there, I guess. Anyway, I think we could come up with much funner and at the same time less offensive jokes than that...

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