Juicing for Health

Do you believe in taking supplements? I don't.

It's simple. What are they 'supplementing?' What does your diet lack that you need to replace with supplements? What foods deplete your body of the good stuff? What nutrients do you deny your body from eating rubbish?

I stopped asking myself all those silly questions... and decided to go with the good old homo sapiens diet. They didn't have ready-frozen meals, growth hormone pills or fizzy drinks: they ate natural products from their environment. Being run over by a mammoth was certainly a bigger health risk than obesity. Closer to us, a lot of different species do well without supplements or manufactured foods: ducks, herons, mice, spiders, sharks, tortoise... Yes, all those wild animals live a healthy life without any of the modern comforts humans 'enjoy.'

So, what is the secret of healthy eating?

I swear by juicing. It tastes delicious, uses only natural ingredients and it is the fastest way to nourish our cells. Because our bodies is made of cells, and only cells and space between them, nourishing our cells is our topmost priority.

Juicing extracts all the goodness of vegetables and fruits and bypasses most of the steps in digestion, delivering that goodness almost instantly to our bloodstream and, consequently, nourishing all our cells.

Juicing means that we can ingest a great quantity of nutrients in a small amount of time. That's why Jason Vale calls it the utlimate fast food (See resources below).We rely on nature's goodness, which hasn't failed us for millions of years and remains to this day the source of life of quadrillions of creatures, plants, minerals.

Juice, nourish your cells and trust that your body knows how to use those nutrients to keep itself in balance.

Brilliantly simple books that got me started with juicing


tanja said...
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Positive Thinker said...

You are right, Tanja. I enjoyed juicing, nutrition, good food, fresh ingredients. There is no cure for hiv, and juicing isn't a cure either.

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