Researching Alternative Treatments for HIV

eHow publish an interesting article, How to Research Alternative Treatments for HIV, should you be so inclined. The warning at the end of the article is, in my opinion, the most important point to remember:
Be wary of any therapy that asks for a fee up front, as well as those that claim that they can cure HIV or the opportunistic illnesses that are associated with HIV.
I am a great believer in alternative therapies in addition to convential medicine and in particular HAART. Firstly, because conventional therapies are quite aggressive on the body and it makes sense to treat other ailments with milder forms of treatments: herbs, massages, energy balancing techniques. Also, alternative treatments can repair some of the damage caused to the liver, kidney functions for instance by hiv drugs.

Secondly, I believe that health must be addressed in a holistic way. It is unlikely that your GP/ doctor spends much time discussing with you diet, exercise etc,

I favour breathing exercises, aromatherapy, meditation and a simple workout everyday. Do they work? I don't know if they are proven but I feel good for using them and I don't invest much money in those natural forms of treatment, so all is well.

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