For, HIV AIDS is undetectable. Miracle or disaster news?

Have you heard? There is a new search engine,, which is hoping to be a strong contender (or take the place of?) Google. All the better for us, small people, as more web and better search engines should mean better information and better living with or with hiv and aids. That's cool. No, I mean that's Cuil.

So, with my poz glasses firmly on my nose, ten fingers on the keyboard, one eye on and another on personals, I queried the terms [hiv aids]:

Now, I was not expecting this answer:

We didn't find any results for hiv aids which for a split second made me think, hey wow, that new search engine is brilliant, it can even read me back my latest blood test results and has found me to be undetectable. The split second over (it feels longer, doesn't it?) I realised that the words hiv and aids together probably weren't meaningful enough to Cuil. Aaaahhhh. Only a few million search results for Google, probably, and only a few dozens, presumably, people with hiv aids around the world.

I'll give it to them, searching for hiv alone was much more rewarding. What with the suggested categories on the right hand side (note AIDS dissidents in the list!):
Even with all that, I can't be bothered spending more time on the search engine that requires me to find the words that it will understand instead of reading my mind.

What do you think of that new search engine and its apparent inability to cope with a diagnostic of hiv aids??

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Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Awesome post, just want to say thanks for the share

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