Poz dating: If you are not Poz, don't answer Poz ads!

I wrote about my attempt at recruiting a new lover, a hiv-aware one, through a mainstream small ad recently. Well, this reply I received only the other day made me realise I got it wrong...
hey man i'n 26 slim with shaved head on ********** avenue bside the ********* pub. i like the sound of u. whats POZ? get back 2 me dude i'd like 2 meet ya

"Whats POZ?" Doh! Then it hit me: how many replied not knowing what that POZ thing was about?

For one, I thought why do they answer an ad looking which clearly states that I am looking for a POZ guy? Presumably, if they don't know what POZ is, then surely they should think that maybe they are not POZ and therefore not apply in the first place.

I can almost see myself facing a court of justice...
The plaintiff: "This blogger poisoned me with hiv"*
Me: "But I told you I was hiv-positive"
The plaintiff: "But what the **** is hiv-positive?"

Ignorance kills.
* in the unlikely event that we had unsafe sex and the plaintiff was contaminated.

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