Am I the only one living with HIV? is a great resource if, like me, you sometimes wonder if you are the only one in the world who is living with hiv or has any problems at all. While not a resource focussed on HIV or even medical issues, a search on 'hiv' returns quite a few questions from people like you and me.

You can browse questions and answer the ones you feel knowledgeable enough to answer. You can post your own questions and wait for answers. The whole forum is highly interactive and reciprocity is the keyword there. Once you post a question, you are offered to answer somebody's question. Once you receive an answer you are prompted to look at the other person's own dilemma.

Issues range from 'Is it a date?' to 'I can not go on living anymore'.

Under the 'hiv' tag quite a few posters ask "How long can I live if I am HIV+? or I am so scared that I may have caught the hiv virus.

Post can be anonymous or not, you get to decide everytime you contribute so privacy is not an issue.

Not only do I find great comfort in being able to pour my heart out to the world, knowing that someone somewhere on the planet cares enough to reply brings me much joy. After sobbing for a while over my sad little life (more about this later, see Will anyone ever love me again despite the fact that I was diagnosed with hiv?) I found myself finding pleasure in helping others with their own questions.

So go over to and help me, help someone or find help.

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