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Hmmm so. Relationships. If you are looking for one, or in a happy one, this is a post for you.

Happy relationships seem almost impossible to attain when you are straight and negative. What are your chances of finding a kindred spirit, your better half, when you are kind, fun, handsome yet gay and positive? Don't get me wrong, I am an optimist (and I fall in love all the time). I am not getting any younger or richer though...

So today I started investigating poz dating services. That involves creating profiles at different sites and seeing what happens. You see, until now my tactics involved meeting someone, spending time together, make them like/love me and then tell them about my hiv status. It worked ok. For a while, because they liked/loved me, they stuck around. After a while, however, it seems that the fear of

the unkown got the better of them.

Did you feel that way too? Hmmm, please tell me!

I created (free) profiles at these sites. Sweep me off my feet!
If you have experience of any of these, save me time and share your tips! ++Love++
Mmmm not sure why, first impressions aren't great ++Love++
Registration seemed more pleasant on this site.
One of the profile topics is 'About my virus' which I find a good idea. irelandgay30s
Good looking site. I got two winks on this site, one from the other end of the world and one from the same town as I live in. PositiveLove
Sign up felt tedious but it could be because of the time I spent an all of the above beforehand.
Search returned lots of locals, incredibly. Fingers crossed, it was worth all the effort!
Finally I come across this little gem, which is completely free, completely hideous but completely free.

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