Save yourself: How to beat any addiction

What you put into your body matters. Whether you are addicted to cigarettes or chocolates, can't drink alcohol in moderation or realise you find drugs are not so recreational any longer, take action.

You may have tried a thousand times already and that's good: this time you will succeed. Quitting an addiction is, in my books (and heaven knows I have no willpower!), the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is... nothing!

Do nothing

Yes, it is that easy. From now on just do nothing. Save yourself the effort of:
  • Dragging yourself out of the house at all hours of the day to find a shop or reseller that will feed your habit.
  • Spending: it's harder to earn money than it is to spend it. Have you ever noticed? Become lazy: money is freedom, keeping it means staying free.
  • Interrupting yourself: just stay wehre you are. Finish the thing you are working on, the idea that crossed your mind. No chocolate, cigarette or shopping trip is going to help with your problem anyway. You would have notice!
  • Washing yourself: your breath is clear, your hands smell of nothing in particular and...
  • Cleaning up: there is no evidence to get rid of. When I gave up cigarettes, I vowed I would never clean an ashtray again. Aren't they the grossest thing in the world?
  • Buying and taking supplements: when you stop doing something detrimental to your body, you no longer have to compensate with good things to try and find a balance (which you can never achieve, however much you fool yourself into thinking...)

You can beat the cravings

There is no such thing as an addictive personality; you just say you have one because you heard it somewhere.

The truth is, you are a victim of someone who decided that you should smoke their tobacco, eat their sugar-coated foods or inject their poison. It is easy to stay in control: do nothing! Don't obey their orders to consume their stuff. Stand up for yourself: do nothing they ask you to do! Don't even listen to your cravings... they will soon disappear.

How I rid myself and others of bad habits and addictions

I have successfully rid myself of all my bad habits over the years, just one at a time, and you can too. By doing nothing and by reminding myself that you no longer wanted to be a puppet in somebody else's hands, your self-esteem soar and you find it easy to address any other issue in your life.

You build a strong immune system, feel great and live forever.

It's so simple to beat addictions, I have eliminated all bad habits from my life with a few very simple and powerful ideas and a lot of common sense.

Do you have common sense? I'm sure you do, since you are reading this message.

Resources to stop an addiction

Smokers' Classic (but not what worked for me)
If you drink too much and don't enjoy it anymore
My 4-star recommendation :

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