hiv consultation the new religion

The new religion

Beg for forgiveness. The confessional has been replaced by the consultation. The doctor sits on the other side of the table and after easing you in, she makes you confess.

"Do you have unprotected sex?" (because you just didn't learn your lesson last time, maybe?)

"How many sexual partners do you have in a day?" (it doesn’t sound as bad as they expected for the forms they have to fill out so they round up your answer to the nearest upper 100s.)

"Do you take your medication on time?" (they call that compliance which means that when the drugs fail it is your fault, not the drug company's).

For your sins

Sometimes the answer to either of these questions is that you have been bad. You didn’t wake up on time for the morning pills. You fell in love with 20 people in a cruisey park. Your new director of conscience puts you on the straight and narrow as his frown deepens, "we need to run more tests on you" OR "you will have to come again next month, to be on the safe side."


We don’t know if hell exists. We don't have to wait for judgment day. By the time we get there, we have been judged so many times by our brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter any more.

Remorse, Redemption and Repent.

To repent means to turn around. A man in a white coat said that to me one day in a hospital. I erred (I couldn't find the way out) and needed to repent (turn around), he explained. What if it was time for the hospital to turn around and think how bad the doctors have been.


Religion is the latin word for "what links us together". The dollar also brings us much closer together. Believe in hiv in this life. Live in the afterlife.

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