Miracle HIV Cure: Bone Marrow Transplant!

geliebt in berlinImage by Scoobay via FlickrI was looking for something to do with my new year's eve, browsing for ideas when checking what is going on in Berlin at that time of year brought me to this article Bone Marrow Transplant Cures Man of HIV in which we learn about the unusual case of a person with hiv who no longer has hiv following, well, a bone marrow transplant.

Sounds promising, although the person in question was being treated for leukaemia, so in a way makes you think - maybe I am not doing so bad with just hiv!

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Now there are quite a few unknowns:
  • nothing tells us that the bone marrow transplant did it - perhaps it just happened at the same time but something else killed the virus... like the leukaemia treatment?
  • also I still don't know what i am doing with my new year's eve 
  • but I know what I am asking Santa this Christmas: the cure!
Would you volunteer for an experimental treatment even if you were not sure what the outcome might be and you ended worse off than you started?

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