HIV asks 'If you were rejected every time you disclosed, would you?'

Would you? After a brief, sensual video introduction on HIVSTIGMA.COM you are asked to decide. I was taken aback, overwhelmed, intrigued and excited at the same time.

Click Skip (bottom right corner of the screen on that page) to proceed to the website. You are met by handsome hiv positive men with a message. They have been living with hiv for years or months; they have been living with the stigma of the hiv label (HIV Stigma definition)

You won't be surprised to hear that I already have a crush on a few of the gentlement who posted their videos or blogs. This being a Canadian website, however, chances of a romantic relationship developing between any of those good looking guys and poor old me are thin. Also, they would have to know that I am watching them. Mere details, I know.

Explore the website now further and get sucked into the discussion.

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