Another Cure for HIV! It had been a while...

The Flame Lily, national flower of ZimbabweThe Flame Lily, National
Flower of Zimbabwe (Wikipedia)

I can not remember how many weeks it has been since the last HIV/AIDS cure was last announced.
This time, I learn about this breakthrough in HIV eradication via a video on Youtube originating from 'The best Zimbabwe news site on the world wide web'; the whole lot was posted on cruising website three reputable sources of scientific information (and Zimbabwe, isn't that place in the news a lot lately?).

Being a bit of an old cynic? Prove me wrong, please, and I'll gladly eat my hat. If it turns out to be a cure, remember you read it here first!

Read the post and comments
Read the article by (scour their site for cures for candida, hepatitis, migraine, cancer, you never know
There is even more discussion
Watch the YouTube video

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