Help Parenzee spread HIV?

DC Indymedia ask us to Help save Andre Parenzee by sending in some money.

I blogged earlier ahout Parenzee. While I'd love to see this man win his case for the possibilities it would open to the rest of us, on the other hand, I know the profound distress that the people who are sueing him would feel.

Although he seems very confident that hiv does not exist, I believe he should have listened to other people's opinion. There was a doubt, however slight it may be in some people's mind, I should think that it would warrant taking precautions.

Better safe than sorry. I want to keep an open mind to both arguments and wait for the judge's decision.


J.P. said...

It would be nice. On some level I've wondered about HIV being some stupid government-sanctioned moral judgment to keep gay men from doing sexually what they want to do. I barebacked for about two years and then my test came back poz. But then there are friends of mine who stopped using condoms once while in a loving relationship and still got it. I think everyone wants to hope that it's going to end up being a conspiracy (theory). But with so many dying...even if it isn't HIV, it's something.

i-quit-hiv said...

Thanks for the comment, J.P. You are right, even if it isn't HIV, it's something.

I wonder why you barebacked for two years. Besides there are
plenty of reasons to wear condoms.

As for your friends in a loving relationship, that story just goes to show that love does not protect against HIV.

If mainstream HIV science is right then surely one of them must have played away and caught HIV elsewhere. If neither did, then that would prove that mainstream HIV theories are wrong and that tests do not detect what they are said to detect.

I don't believe in conspiracy theories. What difference do they make? The problem is still there for us to deal with.

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