Reason #360: Finding a better way

It is important to acknowledge the work done by hiv and aids researchers so far, as I am reminded by this inspirational message in my inbox today. While their way may have been the best for the circumstances, the possibility that there is another way or even a better way must be considered. Otherwise we are all losing out.

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That's right. It's right. He's right. She's right. Those words are echoed every day by millions of people. Once we decide we are right, an abundance of energy goes into defending our rightness. However, if we look at the situation objectively, we will quickly become aware that we are never right.

Our way may be a good way, it can be a valid way, it might even be a better way - but it will never be the right way. The minute you believe your way is the right way, all other ways will be wrong. That attitude will quickly paralyze progress. It will shut down the creative juices, which have given you and I a standard of living that is the envy of the world.

Permit me to make a suggestion. The next time you hear yourself saying, "that's right or I'm right," correct yourself immediately by repeating, that is a good way, and I might act on it. However, there is a better way and I will look for it.

The first telephones were a good way, a better way, even a great way to communicate. However, history has proven that the first telephones were certainly not the best way to communicate. By comparison with today's telephone systems, they were terrible.

This basic concept holds true with everything we do, from health care to air travel. Think of your own business or industry and the role you play in it. You could very easily be caught in the trap of doing your job the same way because you believe it is the right way. It may be effective but there is always a better way. One small adjustment could improve your productivity one hundred percent.

Your way may be effective, it may be valid, but it's never right. There is a better way. Find it!

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