• Dr. Bernard Forscher, former editor of the U.S. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences:

"The HIV hypothesis ranks with the 'bad air' theory for malaria and the 'bacterial infection' theory of beriberi and pellagra [caused by nutritional deficiencies]. It is a hoax that became a scam." (Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994)



"Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology."

Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sänger, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max-Planck-Institutes for Biochemy, München.


A growing group of bio-medical scientists claim the cause of AIDS is still unknown. These heretics do not believe in the lethal AIDS virus called HIV. They claim that the virus is indeed harmless. Most of them think AIDS is also not sexually transmitted; it probably has toxic causes. People die because they are poisoned to death by toxic antiviral drugs. Part of the AIDS dissidents even question the existence of a virus entity. These HIV skeptics say that the AIDS virus has never really been isolated, and the AIDS tests are worthless...



"As initially showed, a positive anti-HIV test is an indication of an augmented formation of autoantibodies against cytoskeletal proteins, i.e. actin. This condition is pathognomonic for chronically active hepatitis. AIDS, as serious  immuno-deficiency-syndrome is the expression of a persistant hypercatabolic state of metabolism along with a stress-induced whole body inflammation. A successful treatment of such conditions consists of the nutritional supply of a sufficient quantitiy of antioxidative and antiproteolytic phyto-phenolic mixtures, consisting of flavonoids and tannins. As neither the animal nor the human body are able to synthesize aromatic compounds they are fully dependent on a sufficient supply of anabolic effective phyto-polyphenolic mixtures, in order to adjust catabolic states of metabolism. These mixtures are present in drugs made of teas and spices. Padma 28 proved to be the most effective one. Additionally, it is recommended to balance other possible states of deficiency of vital nutritional components such as polyanions and essential fatty acids."

Why I Quit HIV

AIDS Re-appraisal

Cash reward


Natural therapies should focus on detoxifying the body and building up the blood bone marrow, glandular, hepatic, and digestive systems, which will have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Garlic, yellow dock, and alfalfa supplements are recommended, for example, as well as ginseng, for their alterative qualities and tonic effects on these systems (50). High doses of vitamins C, E, and A , as well as the mineral selenium, are recommended for their antioxidant effects (51), as well as a solid antioxidant formula like New Life from Sophista-Care. In severe cases, Project AIDS International recommends chelation therapy with vitamin/mineral supplementation (52)




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